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GPUSBC Adult awards you can earn

This year GPUSBC is providing Adult appreciation awards for 800 Series, 300 game, 11-in-a-row and pins over average game and series tokens.  Your league secretary has a form to request the awards.  Please see below examples of each of award. 

Good luck and Great bowling with GPUSBC!!!
















          800 Series                                                                 300 Game                                                          11-in-a-row















                      High Game over Ave                                                                      High Series over Ave


                   150 Average and Below                                                                  150 Average and Below

                     50 Pins over Average                                                               100 Pins over Series Average


                       Average over 150                                                                             Average over 150

                   100 Pins over Average                                                                     150 Pins over Average

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